Last week, I left off with…

In order to fulfill this living, breathing mission, I have been thinking about…what does our mission require of us? Over the next several weeks, I will share what I think our bold, ambitious, aggressive mission requires of us.

So what does our mission require of us (students, faculty/staff, parents)?

You have to start with a powerful question. As a school community, we have chosen to start with a question central to one of our signature programs in the Mount Vernon Institute for Innovation, Design Thinking – “How might we?”

“How might we?” evokes access, opportunity, empathy, community, limitless opportunities, creative thinking, solution seeking, and much more.

Inspired by AT&T, our administrative team thought we would have some fun with HMW and asked our younger students how they would answer the question. Take a look.

In all seriousness, How might we ____?

How might we make it more likely–by our design–that more students really understand what they are being asked to learn? How might we be the best in the world at developing and delivering a 21st century learning experience? How might we build a new Upper School academic building? Excite students with their learning experiences as much as possible everyday? Redesign the first week of school? Positively impact our students for life? Adapt to change? Create more awareness on local and global issues among our students and the community at large? Lead ed transformation by empowering learners to be doers for a better world?

How might we?

How would you complete this sentence for your school/community/organization/company? Then, together go make it happen. It’s time to do something.