Continuing “What does your mission require of you?” blog series…Summarizing last week, a team must start with a powerful question. Central to design thinking, Mount Vernon is starting with “How Might We?” HMW evokes access, opportunity, empathy, community, limitless opportunities, creative thinking, solution seeking, and much more.

In addition to starting with a powerful question, our mission requires us to serve the team. As a school, we have three distinct groups–students, teachers, parents–with different needs and expectations. You cannot serve the cause (mission) without serving the team.

Serving the team is about…

understanding one another.
encouraging one another.
supporting one another
asking the question, What can I do to help?
taking strategic risks.
differing well.
What is like being on the other side of me?
you and I versus the problem.
leveraging our authority for the benefit of those we serve.
assuming the best.
building community.
commitment to the growth of people.
emulating the greatest example, model and teacher of servant-leadership,Jesus.

How might we serve the team?