This is the final blog in “What does your mission require of you?” series. Starting with questions, serving the team, never creating for today, shipping ideas lose significance unless you enjoy the ride. Opportunities, challenges, setbacks, moments of acceleration, resistance, and success are an inevitable part of fulfilling your mission and executing on your vision.

Enjoy the ride is about having fun.

Enjoy the ride is about embracing whimsy. Bob Goff in Donald Miller’s book, A Million Miles in a Thousand Years, says “Don’t be afraid to embrace whimsy. Whimsy is the nagging idea that life could be magical; it could be special if we were only willing to take a few risks.”

Enjoy the ride is about savoring the moment. @JeffGoins tweeted out a nice challenge for us…”If I could choose ONE WORD to define your new year, it’d be this: ‘savor.’ As in, everything. Savor it all, every moment.” Jeff also says, “Many of us fail to recognize that the best moments are the ones happening right now.” So true.

Enjoying the ride is placing your palms up. Instead of closed fists, Dweck’s work on growth mindset is essential…always willing to learn, grow, and develop.

Enjoy the ride is showing up. On behalf of our students, let’s go do stuff together. Let’s go do stuff that matters. How might we make a dent?

We get one shot at today. We don’t get it back.

Enjoy the ride.