What if EQ and IQ were not enough to lead and work for a high performing company or organization? Traditionally, IQ has been about identifying talent and EQ has been about fit. However, top performers may not be the most talented and top formers most likely do not fit. Jeff Moore joins Design Movement to discuss the creation of SQ, Striver Quotient Assessment Tool.

The Striver Quotient Profiles identify people as cooperative, collaborative, or competitive in 16 performance attributes within four workplace relationships to self, team, boss, and direct reports. Jeff starts with questions:

  • What are your workplace expectations?
  • Do your people perform well in an environment of incremental or rapid change?
  • Do your people excel in team settings characterized by harmony or creative tension?
  • Do your people work best with a manager who expects them to meet goals or stretch beyond defined objectives?
  • Do your managers work best with direct reports who are driven to meet goals or stretch beyond defined objectives?

“Strivers are driven by a purpose that transcends winning. They compete to move themselves, their team, and their company toward higher goals.” To that end, Jeff discusses how competition has become a negative term in culture, yet being competitive is the highest form of collaboration.

“During his 23 year career at the University of Texas, Jeff’s Longhorn Women’s Tennis Teams won 2 NCAA Championships, appeared in 2 NCAA finals, advanced to the Final Four 3 times, reached the Elite Eight 3 times, and won 18 conference titles.” Today, Jeff runs Moore Leadership and serves as author, presenter, and leadership coach utilizing the Striver Quotient Assessment Tool.

Strive On!