Had the opportunity to sit down with Trung Le and interview him on the podcast, Design Movement. Le discusses his early influences as an architect as well as his current passion for tackling education as a design challenge–teaching and learning is a living question rather than a fixed, prescribed standard.

We take a deep dive into a seminal work of his and others, The Third Teacher. He describes this timeless project as “a cabinet of wonders on how design can transform the ecology of learning.” We dialogue about what educators can do tomorrow to impact his/her classroom. He challenges us to look through this lens as an ecology of ideas rather than ideas that stand alone. In addition, he addresses the value add of incorporating ideas of the “third teacher” by creating as much diversity in the physical environment of the classroom as possible.

Le is highly sought out for his future-focused design–TEDx and Fast Company. He “co-founded WONDER, by Design – A Learning and Design Expedition. The Wonder team is an education design agency that lives at the intersection of learning, design and innovation. With a curiosity on the future of learning, the Wonder team collaborates with education institutions and communities to formulate systemic strategies for positive change.”